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Best stem cell clinic in Eastern Europe

Infinity Clinic is the leading stem cell clinic in Eastern Europe offering exclusive rejuvenation programs, effective treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions, as well as successful sports rehabilitation.

We offer the largest variety of types of fetal stem cells and extracts derived from fetal tissues in combination with our tailored integrated approach in order to target all major and minor health issues.

Infinity team consists of highly trained doctors specializing in different fields of medicine and has more than 15 years of experience with fetal stem cells. The main goal of our team is to deliver world-class personalized treatment exceeding expectations of every single patient.


  • MD Bernardino Santi, BRAZIL

    I have spent many years helping professional athletes to restore their health and return to successful career. Health and physical performance of the athlete are essential to achieve excellent sport results. If rehabilitation after sport injuries will last too long this can dramatically slow down his personal progress and the progress of the whole team. After impressive presentation that were given by the doctors of Infinity Clinic during the medical congress in Sao Paulo I decided to visit this stem cell clinic and study their experience in sport injury treatment. Scientists of this clinic explained me mechanisms underlying efficiency of stem cell therapy and doctors showed me impressive results of sport injury treatment. Stem cell therapy could significantly facilitate efficiency of standard treatment approaches that are used in sport medicine and decrease the time that is necessary for rehabilitation. Since I am working with top athletes of my country high level of service and comfort during their treatment in the clinic is very important. In this regard I was positively surprised by luxury accommodation provided by this clinic where everything was designed to provide maximum level of comfort for their patients.

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  • Сerebrovascular disease


    Age: 71

    Country: United Kingdom

    It has been a few months since I was in touch and I hope you and your family are keeping well.
    My rehabilitation has been progressing well since my Stem Cell treatment in February.
    1. As I explained when we were at the clinic - my rehab physio has used a special assessment system to...

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  • ALS

    Mrs. Ramsbrock

    Age: 52

    Country: Germany

    During the evening before departure, the entire medical team came to say goodbye, always with the advice to be there for us at any time. No matter what problems and questions in the course of time will occur. 

    A comment to the medical team: I have never met a medical team with so much...

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  • Advanced Lyme Disease

    Amber B.

    Age: 44

    Country: USA

    One month results after the treatment. 

    1. Has joint pain subsided?

    80 percent better. 

    2. Are there any sleep improvements?

    No not yet. 

    3. What about dizziness and headaches?

    Dizziness is totally gone...

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    Science of stem cells

    Neurological complications of COVID-19

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  • February 22, 2021

    Science of stem cells

    Encouraging results of stem cell therapy for COVID-19

    Major aim of healthcare system during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is to decrease the death rate and ensure successful recovery of the patients. Due to unprecedented effort of medical scientists worldwide mechanisms of severe COVID-19 cases development and critically important targets for treatment of...

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    Science of stem cells

    One Year of COVID-19 Pandemic

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