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Osteoarthritis is one of the most common age-associated degenerative disorders of the joints. Mains symptoms of this disease are pain, morning stiffness and crepitus on joint motion that lead to physical disability and impairment of quality of life. Pathophysiology of osteoarthritis include such processes as age-related inflammation, cellular senescence, alterations in cell signaling caused by age-related changes in extracellular matrix. Pharmacological treatment of the osteoarthritis mainly related to release of the symptoms, whereas there is no such drug that would be highly efficient in slowing or stopping progression of the disease. 

Fetal stem cell-based treatment of the osteoarthritis that was developed in joint effort of the scientists and physicians of Infinity Clinic represent another treatment strategy, targeted to regeneration of the damaged cartilage tissue. This way of treatment leads to considerable improvement of the health and quality of life in the majority of our patients. Fetal progenitor cells can be used for preventive purposes in patients with high risk of primary and post-traumatic osteoarthrosis. Treatment of osteoarthrosis should be started as soon as possible, before irreversible changes occur.

Our patients report the following effects:

  • reduction of locomotor micro-injuries developing during regular exertion
  • activation of compensatory and adaptation potential of the body, general and hemodynamic improvement
  • improvement of joint, cartilage and ligament tissue quality
  • higher muscle power and contracture prevention
  • increased range of voluntary motions
  • subsidence of injury-related depression
  • stronger will
  • improved workability and tolerance
  • general health improvement
  • overall rejuvenation
  • powerful immune boosting

How to apply for treatment 

We wish to offer you the best possible treatment, therefore we need to study the case thoroughly and kindly ask you to fill the short form that we will send you and e-mail medical records available to 

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