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Being safe and effective approach, stem cell therapy holds much promise for the treatment of various injuries and diseases suffered by sportspeople. Different cell types were used by NFL and NBA athletes, soccer and tennis players who are concerned about their performance and career longevity. However, this therapy is not limited to high-profile athletes, but also to those who just strain or injure themselves during a round of golf or a game of tennis.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can produce copies of themselves, can divide and form bone, cartilage,muscle, and adipose cells. In response to injury, MSCs produce proteins altering the surrounding environment and promoting healing and tissue regeneration, such as anti-inflammatory factors, angiogenic factors (promote the growth of new blood vessels) and other factors stimulating local, tissue-specific stem cells.

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) normalize blood count, thus increasing oxygenation of tissues and organs, which results in stamina improvement. These cells are also known for their capacity to balance hormones and enhance libido in people using substances that might suppress it. These two effects are the tip of the iceberg because real mechanisms of HSCs effect are much deeper and more diverse. Unlike the dope that eventually depletes body reserves of stem cells, allogenic (fetal) stem cells preserve and enlarge body stem spaces, which, apart from energy-boosting, results in long-term anti-aging effect.

According to Dr. Dennis Lox, a Sports Medicine and Regenerative specialist, in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, stem cells have unique capabilities for injured athletes. First the stem cells are very effective at alleviating inflammatory responses seen in chronic injuries. By blocking and altering the mechanisms in which inflammation occurs, some chronic injuries may heal. Stem cells are also at the same time regenerative cells that may heal by releasing factors that allow healing to occur, or trophic effects. Lastly, the stem cells may allow regeneration of injured tissue. All these mechanisms cannot be achieved by cortisone injections, or commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medications.

The goal of our stem cell treatment is minimization of injury sequelae, quicker healing and restoration in order to return to the professional activity or favorite sport as early as possible.

Our extensive experience and a large variety of fetal stem cells available give us a unique opportunity to offer integrated treatment for sports trauma and rehabilitation for the athletes and non-professionals. No performance-enhancing substances or components are used.

Our highly professional and experienced doctors will study your case, thoroughly examine you and develop individual program that will include infusions/injections of fetal stem cells, unique fetal placenta extract and other necessary procedures. If necessary, we will invite the leading specialists from the top science centers we collaborate with.

Relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff will help you to enjoy your stay with us.

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We wish to offer you the best possible treatment, therefore we need to study the case thoroughly and kindly ask you to fill the short form that we will send you and e-mail medical records available to 

We are looking forward to welcoming you for treatment and help you in the best possible way.

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