Success stories


    Age: 44

    Country: UK

    Rejuvenation Program

    Rejuvenation Program chosen by me takes just several days, and these are the days when you receive stem cells, placenta extract and undergo cosmetic procedures (facial masks with placenta extract). My dreams came true and my expectations were met practically on the first day after the completion of the Program when visible and invisible changed started. I will share my experience month by month, as cells divide. 1 st Month: Skin: better turgor, shiny and brighter look, narrower pores. Mood: much better, much less irritable. PMS : no more, hormones started to balance. Headache (migraine): completely disappeared right away, though it used to be severe and regular. Higher sensitivity and sensuality. Quicker metabolism, stable body weight. Faster hair growth. This is really something!  I was very happy with these changes, but it was only the beginning of all the good things, and I will be sharing my story step by step. 

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  • Abdimalik H.

    Age: 12

    Country: USA


    After the MMR vaccination my son started to show symptoms of cognitive disorders characteristic for autism spectrum. He lost his vocabulary, ceased to act usual (he was meeting his father from work in his own special way and ceased to do so after vaccination), developed repetitive behavior, abnormal expression of emotions and hyperactivity. 

    One month after the treatment in Infinity Clinic his condition becomes better. He has improved in eating, sleeping and social behaviors. My son is showing better eye contact when looking at you, when you call his name and tell him to come, he will immediately stop whatever his doing come to me. The thing is, that his behavior is changing a little bit. With supervision, like daily routines, cleaning, trying to help you around the house. His sleeping is also improving. It's been a month so far, I'm happy,  and hope for the more improvements to come. 

    Two months after the treatment. 

    1). More eye contact, including looking when his name is called out.

    2). Following instructions more with some prompting and insistence.

    3). Helping with very basic chores with some pushing and insistences.

    4). Abdimalik surprises his mom sometimes when he hears her coming into the house. He comes and positions himself for a hug and a kiss.

    5). Abdimalik now sleeps in his bed in a separate room. After a meal and a shower/bath near bed time he would willingly jump into his bed in his room and sleep through the night.

    But the most interesting thing happened last week. Mom was busy and couldn't go get him from school. So she asked another parent to pick him up. Abdimalik knows this person and has been picked by her before. She has an autistic child in the same school. When his therapist brought him out to the car, and on realizing that his mom was not the driver he refused to get into the car. Abdimalik likes vans and SUVs and that was what the parent was driving. So it was not the car that he was against. He clearly expected his mom. Only after much persuasion and music did he agree to get into the car. That was interesting because he used to be careless with strangers. He could easily hold hands and walk away with anybody who came to get him.

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    Age: 63

    Country: UAE

    Stroke Treatment

    I am 63 years old and come from Saudi Arabia.  Being 180 cm high, I weigh 110 kg.  I used to smoke and drink alcohol. A few months before arriving to the Infinity Clinic for stem cell therapy, I lost consciousness at work and it turned out to be because of hemorrhagic stroke. After routine hospital treatment, my left hand remained paralyzed, though sensitivity in it was fine. I really wished for it to be as before…

    Infinity Clinic doctors offered me the program of treatment with fetal stem cells that was developed specifically to promote regeneration of the damaged parts of my nervous system. Apart from the consequences of the stroke, I suffered from hypertension and fatty liver, so the doctors added to my personal treatment-plan stem cells derived from the fetal heart and fetal liver in order to achieve better effect.

    5 months after the treatment, my blood pressure went down from 170/100 to 145/90, I have better digestion, no pain in the upper right region of my abdomen and I feel better overall. The most important result is that my left hand mobility restored by 50%! The doctors advised me repeat the treatment, and 6 months after the second course I can use my left hand as before. My children cried of happiness!!!

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    Age: 51

    Country: USA

    Rejuvenation Program

    I am 51 years old women, from USA and I came to the Infinity Clinic for Rejuvenation Program. Prior coming to Ukraine, I had sleep problems caused by back pain, migraines and some other aging and chronic stress-related problems that makes me to suffer a lot. Doctors of the of the Clinic designed an individual treatment program for me to stimulate my own stem cells and improve function of my nervous, hormonal and immune systems.

    One month after the treatment, my menstrual cycle came with no migraine for the first time ever in my life. My mind becomes more calm, thoughts more clear. I stopped taking sleeping drugs and feel myself emotionally more balanced, my energy has increased a lot!

    Now, three months after stem cell therapy in the Infinity Clinic no migraines, energy is amazing, mental performance and mood are much better, sleeping 7-8 hours a night. Another benefit that I’ve noticed is that back pain greatly reduced.

    I am so grateful to the whole team of Infinity Clinic. Thank you for giving me a better quality of life that I didn’t even know I was missing.

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    Age: 40

    Country: Qatar

    Intimate Cosmetology

    I am from Qatar and I am 40. I came to the Infinity Clinic with the aim to normalize my family (sexual) life, that hasn’t been going well for a long period of time. Due to aging and several pregnancies, my intimate zone lost its beauty and attractiveness, my sexual lips sagged and deformed, and the skin lost its elasticity.

    After careful examination and tests, doctors of the Infinity Clinic offered me a special intimate bio-revitalization program according to my needs aiming at tissues elasticity improvement, inflammation and disease risk reduction, improvement of sexual intimacy sensations.

    I had PRP-treatment of the intimate area, buttock as well as hyaluronic acid injections into the outer lips. In less than 2 weeks after treatment, my intimate feelings were awesome, and now my husband and I are like on honeymoon. Sensitivity of my intimate organs is totally different and so much better. Thank you for the new life!!

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  • YU YAN

    Age: 38

    Country: China

    Diabetes Treatment

    I am from China, 38 years old.  When I came to the Infinity Clinic, I had high level of blood sugar because of the diabetes type 2. My blood sugar was 13,2, C-peptide – 7,21, ALT – 34. Also I had some problems with liver that is common for those who are suffering from diabetes type 2.

    I decided to apply for fetal stem cell therapy in Infinity Clinic because this treatment provides a possibility to receive cells with improved sensitivity for insulin, that is impaired in diabetes type 2. Infinity Clinic doctors performed very thorough checkup and screening and then tailored a program of treatment for me that included all cell types needed by my body at that time.

    4 months after the treatment I feel myself much better and this improvement was confirmed by my analysis. Average blood sugar decreased to 7,72 and concentration of C-peptide decreased to the normal level - 2,76! Function of my liver also improved, that was evident from the blood test showing decrease of the level of ALT to 27.

    I want to express my gratitude to the doctors of the Infinity Clinic for their compassionate attention and professional care.

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    Age: 45

    Country: Australia


    I am from Australia, 45 years old. I am a CEO of a marketing company. Every day I have to meet a lot of people, have to make important decisions and feel constant pressure of responsibility for the success of my team. Unfortunately my life become overloaded with stressful moments. I was suffering from the headache, sleeping problems, my mental power drops down. I have chosen Infinity Clinic after several recommendations of the friends of mine from China. I applied for rejuvenation program that is based on fetal stem cell treatment. I have to admit that results meet my expectations. My headache and sleep problems disappeared, my mood start to be much better. Condition of my skin showed considerable improvement. My cognitive performance increased a lot, I become less irritable, more balanced. I came back to word with more energy. It was good decision to chose Infinity Clinic and its rejuvenation program Golden Vial.

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  • JACK

    Age: 14

    Country: UK

    Leukodystrophy. Cerebral Palsy. Global Developmental Delay

    We arrived to Infinity Clinic in hope to improve health of my boy, suffering from impaired development of the nervous system. His disease manifested with tetra paresis, low muscle tone in the upper extremities and left leg, high muscle tone in the right leg, splayfoot on the right, speech delay. He was unable to maintain vertical position. 6 months after the treatment with fetal stem cells in Infinity clinic his condition improved.  He show better capacity to move arms and hands (when he tries to hold the glass (with support), he now sometimes raises his elbow, that was not possible before; a little bit more strength in the arms and legs; nystagmus range reduction; seems to have more control of the neck; he tries to roll and sometimes manages; pronunciation and phrase structuring is a little better. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the doctors and founders of the Infinity Clinic!

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  • Avril

    Age: 41

    Country: Canada

    Infertility Treatment

    I am 34 years old, from Canada. I could not become pregnant and even in-vitro fertilization failed to help me. After medical examination in the Infinity Clinic it become clear that that infertility is caused by impairment of my hormonal system. Before the treatment with fetal stem cells, levels of my follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone were 5,39 and 2,92 respectively (closer to menopause reference rates). And level of my AMH was 0,348 (very low ovarian function). After the treatment in Infinity Clinic function of my hormonal system significantly improved! Levels of the follicle-stimulating hormone was 2,63, level of luteinizing hormone was 10,74 and level of AMH was 1,008. So, now I have a chance to become pregnant in a natural way!

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