Success stories

  • M.K.

    Age: 71

    Country: United Kingdom

    Сerebrovascular disease

    It has been a few months since I was in touch and I hope you and your family are keeping well.
    My rehabilitation has been progressing well since my Stem Cell treatment in February.
    1. As I explained when we were at the clinic - my rehab physio has used a special assessment system to assess my sensorimotor function.
    2. In January’21, the score for my upper extremity (arm) was 53 out of a possible 126 = 43.6%, by May’21 this had improved to 85 out of 126 =67.4%
    3. For my lower extremity (leg) was in Jan’21 was 33 out of a possible 86 = 38% and in May ’21 this had improved to 75 out of 86 = 87%.
    4. Both improvements are very significant and very pleasing
    5. My blood pressure has regularized (120/80) and I no longer take Amlodipine, and my general health is good, though my body weight is still quite low at 77Kg.

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  • Mrs. Ramsbrock

    Age: 52

    Country: Germany


    During the evening before departure, the entire medical team came to say goodbye, always with the advice to be there for us at any time. No matter what problems and questions in the course of time will occur. 

    A comment to the medical team: I have never met a medical team with so much heart warmth and humanity dedicated to the patient. That applies to the entire clinic staff. Thank you all!

     June 2018

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  • Amber B.

    Age: 44

    Country: USA

    Advanced Lyme Disease

    One month results after the treatment. 

    1. Has joint pain subsided?

    80 percent better. 

    2. Are there any sleep improvements?

    No not yet. 

    3. What about dizziness and headaches?

    Dizziness is totally gone. I still have headaches. 

    4. Have you had any seizures since treatment time?

    I had a partial seizure 7 days after getting home however I could talk and walk immediately afterwards. 

    5.  Do you feel more power?


    6.  What about your speech?

    Less slurred than before. 

    7.  Has body pain subsided?

    In less pain all around.

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  • Deborah H.

    Age: 66

    Country: USA


    As far as my symptoms are concerned, my cognitive deficits are greatly improved. My thinking is clearer and I remember things better now.  The weakness on my left side feels about 40% better as well as the numbness and tingling.  My balance and gait issues are greatly improved.  I can walk farther than before without my crutches.  I can stand without holding on to anything for much longer time than before.  I stand straight and walk better, faster and farther.  The incontinence has improved and the muscle spasms have lessened. My energy level has greatly improved. I haven’t been able to cook or clean for at least 10-12 years and now I can do those things again.  I am back working in the ceramic studio and I don’t get tired till the end of the day. The pain is almost all gone and the swallowing problem is much much better.  I still don’t have much sense of taste and the prolonged wound healing hasn’t changed and I no longer have the beginning of glaucoma!  My blood pressure has been normal for the past 4 months and my doctor says my reflexes are normal now. I am very pleased with my results even though the surgery might have hampered the improvement so I would  do it again. I thank you very much for giving me my life back!

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    Age: 56 and 43

    Country: USA


    Please let everyone know how pleased Angela and I are with our stay at the clinic. Everyone was so kind and gracious, we felt like royalty while there! The entire staff was just fantastic! From the very instant we arrived we felt like we were under the protection and care of the clinic. It was a relief being chauffeured away in style and comfort! That was a pleasant surprise, particularly after a tiresome hike from Rome.

    Julia’s friendly face was reassuring to us that all is well and everything is under control and that we may rest easy, she was reassuring in that instance.

    Dr. Yuriy was just super! His caring demeanor reassured us that we were in the best of hands. He made us feel that our health was of his best interest. This was most important to us overall. He gave us great comfort in his knowledge and experience as our stem cell doctor. I just can’t say enough as to how pleased we both were with him. And his assistant Alena was just terrific as well. 

    Nina is so sweet, we just loved her. Everyday, Angela and I looked forward to our facial’s. She too had a way of making us feel special.

    Marina was very good to us, she made me laugh at myself while there, it was all good. The facial massage that she delivered had me looking into the mirror to see if I looked as good as I felt!

    Oksana was wonderful, her welcoming smile was just what one would need to see prior their massage, which by the way was excellent, especially after you communicated to her that more pressure was desired by me, she stepped it up perfectly.

    Margarita was an absolute joy to be around, every time we heard a knock at the door I hoped it would be her, it was a pleasure to see her smile, she was always striving to please us. I really appreciate her going the extra mile to get me spaghetti with mariner sauce that one night as I requested, it was delicious, from that point on I was sold on her.

    Even our housekeepers were on point. They left nothing out of place during our stay. They too did their part to perfection, always being considerate and kind making sure our room remained tidy throughout our stay.

    But without a doubt Elena you were our favorite! The laughter we shared with her was the best! We really enjoyed the time we had with Elena outside the clinic. The opera was amazing, we simply loved it. And the next day the tour she led us on in Kiev, followed up by an amazing Ukrainian dinner was perfect! You, and you alone really made all the difference in our stay at the clinic. It was a privilege to have you with us throughout our visit. Thank you so much for everything and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Age: 50

    Country: Saudi Arabia


    The procedure was easy, the staff of the hospital were very helpful and nice. The place is perfect for relaxation. Thank you for all your efforts especially dr. Yury. I'll be coming back for anti aging again!

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  • MR. TAO

    Age: 63

    Country: China


    That was my first time at clinic and I appreciate treatment very much. Thanks to doctors after it I was first night I started sleeping like a child and continuing doing so. I got improvement in my daily life like getting more energy, I could work more and still have power for training and my personal life. Thank's to Dr. Yuriy my personal life started to be like in my 20th. By the way the weather was wonderful, beautiful clouds, beach near to lake where you could relax and breath fresh air. I enjoyed evening restaurant arranged for me and personal attitude of staff for me and my wife.

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    Age: 7

    Country: USA


    I was visiting Infinity Clinic with my family for the autism treatment for my son. I have been in many medical institutions thus I do have what to compare. I was very pleased with an attitude to my child. Doctors were explained and giving answers to all of ours questions in which we were interested in without time limits. Doctor was very attentive, polite and made the examination in a very professional way. I have understood, that all what we had seen before was a pitiful semblance of medical services. I have appreciated doctors recommendations on treatment strategy, drug choose, exercises etc. very much. Four months have past and I see my child smiling that the only pushing thing in my life. Thank you doctor Viktor.

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  • Hassan T.

    Age: 9

    Country: Lebanon

    Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    Our son is 9 years old. When we came to the Clinic, he had difficulty climbing stairs, getting up from supine, could lose balance and fall if someone touched him in the crowd, tiptoed and fatigued easily. 

    One month after the treatment, we noticed that he feels much better than before the treatment and it is much easier for him to run now. In addition, his doctor also decreased the dose of Contancyl (medication H.T. was taking before the treatment) from 15 mg to 10 mg and discontinued vitamin D because after the treatment its level normalized. Thanks a lot to the Infinity Team, they did their best for our son and we hope to see more results soon. 

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