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Success Stories

Сerebrovascular disease


Age: 71

Country: United Kingdom

It has been a few months since I was in touch and I hope you and your family are keeping well. My rehabilitation has been progressing well since my Stem Cell treatment in February. 1. As I explained when we were at the clinic - my rehab physio has used a special assessment system to assess my...

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Mrs. Ramsbrock

Age: 52

Country: Germany

During the evening before departure, the entire medical team came to say goodbye, always with the advice to be there for us at any time. No matter what problems and questions in the course of time will occur.  A comment to the medical team: I have never met a medical team with so much heart warmth...

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Advanced Lyme Disease

Amber B.

Age: 44

Country: USA

One month results after the treatment.  1. Has joint pain subsided? 80 percent better.  2. Are there any sleep improvements? No not yet.  3. What about dizziness and headaches? Dizziness is totally gone. I still have headaches.  4. Have you had any seizures since treatment time? I had a partial...

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Deborah H.

Age: 66

Country: USA

As far as my symptoms are concerned, my cognitive deficits are greatly improved. My thinking is clearer and I remember things better now.  The weakness on my left side feels about 40% better as well as the numbness and tingling.  My balance and gait issues are greatly improved.  I can walk farther...

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Age: 56 and 43

Country: USA

Please let everyone know how pleased Angela and I are with our stay at the clinic. Everyone was so kind and gracious, we felt like royalty while there! The entire staff was just fantastic! From the very instant we arrived we felt like we were under the protection and care of the clinic. It was a...

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Age: 50

Country: Saudi Arabia

The procedure was easy, the staff of the hospital were very helpful and nice. The place is perfect for relaxation. Thank you for all your efforts especially dr. Yury. I'll be coming back for anti aging again!

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Age: 7

Country: USA

I was visiting Infinity Clinic with my family for the autism treatment for my son. I have been in many medical institutions thus I do have what to compare. I was very pleased with an attitude to my child. Doctors were explained and giving answers to all of ours questions in which we were interested...

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Hassan T.

Age: 9

Country: Lebanon

Our son is 9 years old. When we came to the Clinic, he had difficulty climbing stairs, getting up from supine, could lose balance and fall if someone touched him in the crowd, tiptoed and fatigued easily.  One month after the treatment, we noticed that he feels much better than before the treatment...

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Rejuvenation Program


Age: 44

Country: UK

Rejuvenation Program chosen by me takes just several days, and these are the days when you receive stem cells, placenta extract and undergo cosmetic procedures (facial masks with placenta extract). My dreams came true and my expectations were met practically on the first day after the completion of...

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Abdimalik H.

Age: 12

Country: USA

After the MMR vaccination my son started to show symptoms of cognitive disorders characteristic for autism spectrum. He lost his vocabulary, ceased to act usual (he was meeting his father from work in his own special way and ceased to do so after vaccination), developed repetitive behavior,...

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Stroke Treatment


Age: 63

Country: UAE

I am 63 years old and come from Saudi Arabia.  Being 180 cm high, I weigh 110 kg.  I used to smoke and drink alcohol. A few months before arriving to the Infinity Clinic for stem cell therapy, I lost consciousness at work and it turned out to be because of hemorrhagic stroke. After routine hospital...

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Rejuvenation Program


Age: 51

Country: USA

I am 51 years old women, from USA and I came to the Infinity Clinic for Rejuvenation Program. Prior coming to Country, I had sleep problems caused by back pain, migraines and some other aging and chronic stress-related problems that makes me to suffer a lot. Doctors of the of the Clinic designed an...

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Diabetes Treatment


Age: 38

Country: China

I am from China, 38 years old.  When I came to the Infinity Clinic, I had high level of blood sugar because of the diabetes type 2. My blood sugar was 13,2, C-peptide – 7,21, ALT – 34. Also I had some problems with liver that is common for those who are suffering from diabetes type 2. I decided to...

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Leukodystrophy. Cerebral Palsy. Global Developmental Delay


Age: 14

Country: UK

We arrived to Infinity Clinic in hope to improve health of my boy, suffering from impaired development of the nervous system. His disease manifested with tetra paresis, low muscle tone in the upper extremities and left leg, high muscle tone in the right leg, splayfoot on the right, speech delay. He...

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Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH)


Age: 60

Country: Great Britain

I am from Great Britain, 60 years old. I used to be very active in my life, and due to extreme sport got many injuries. 10 years ago I have started to suffer from chronic pain and limited range of the voluntary movements in the right ankle joint, pain in the neck and lower back. In 2014 I had...

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Infinity Clinic uses fetal stem cells that are intended to form different organs of the fetus in order to stimulate self-renewal and regeneration of corresponding organs of the patient. This is called organ-specific therapy. 

Important advantage of our treatment is that prior to administration fetal stem cell-based therapy we perform immunomodulation procedure developed by our scientists to prevent rejection of fetal stem cells by immune system of the patient.

According to our personalized approach, in case if patient has several diseases or several complications on a single disease (for example, patients with diabetes has diabetic neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy­), our doctors compose individual treatment program aiming to stimulate regeneration in the specific tissues and organs of the patient. 

To achieve this goal we use different types of organ-specific fetal stem cells. Such as:

  • hematopoietic cells of fetal liver for induction of immune tolerance;
  • pancreatic cells of the same fetus for treatment of diabetes;
  • neural cells of the same fetus for treatment of neuropathy;
  • cells of eye rudiment of the same fetus for retinopathy;
  • cells of primary kidney of the same fetus for treatment of nephropathy.

It is important to emphasize, that in contrast to «Embryonic stem cells» that are derived from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst that are known to be tumorigenic, fetal stem cells derived from the fetal tissues during the period of 8-20 weeks of development did not show same tendency in in-vivo experiments.

Infinity Clinic invites Country well known, highly-skilled doctors from all over the country for consultations of our patients and we provide follow-up medical consultations of all our patients during the post-cell therapy period.

In addition to fetal stem cell-based therapy, Standart Treatment Program includes following medical service:

  • Diagnostics:
    • Laboratory tests
    • Ultrasound of the upper abdomen, pelvis and thyroid
    • ECG
  • Treatment and procedures:
    • Plasmapheresis
    • Detox solution 
    • PRP-therapy
    • Stimulation of facial muscles by microcurrents
    • Lymphatic drainage body massage
    • Abdominal massage
    • Whitening, Moisturizing or Purifying face mask

Additional service such as:

  • Airport-Clinic-Airport Transfer
  • Accommodation for the patient and 1 attendant  
  • Full board (3 meals a day) according to individual preferences of the patient and breakfast for the attendants

The main goal for Standard Treatment Program is to increase quality of life of our patients through immune boosting, endocrine system stabilization necessary for hormonal balance resulting in metabolism normalization, thus proper functioning of all organs and systems of human body. The above processes result in external rejuvenation and better looks.

It should be noted that some medical procedures can be replaced (except injections of fetal stem cells and fetal stem cell-derived extracts) which are depends on your health condition after cafeful examination by the doctors of Infinity Clinic.

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