Cancer risk

That in contrast to «Embryonic stem cells» that are derived from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst that are known to be tumorigenic, fetal stem cells derived from the fetal tissues during the period of 8-20 weeks of development did not show same tendency in in-vivo experiments. No post-treatment cancer cases were reported by our patients.

However, it should be noted that if patient has undiagnosed oncological disease before applying for stem cell therapy, stimulation provided by this treatment to all tissues of the patient can potentially stimulate cancer cells. To avoid this, every new patient coming to our clinic is tested for markers of oncological diseases and if such disease is diagnosed we do not perform treatment with fetal stem cells.


Cell safety (viruses, bacteria etc.)

Cell safety (viruses, bacteria etc.)

Specialists of Infinity Clinic perform advanced screening of fetal stem cells for:

  • Endotoxins
  • Microbial sterility: Aerobic, Anaerobic, Mycosis
  • Pathogens (Real time PCR): HBV, HCV, HSV-1/2, HIV-1/2, CMV and Treponema pallidum, Mycoplasma hominis, Ureaplasma, Chlamydia and Toxoplasma gondii.
  • Karyotyping test is performed to evaluate number and structure of the chromosomes (a DNA molecules containing genetic material of an organism). This test provides a possibility to exclude such genetic disorders as missing, abnormal or an extra chromosomes.

Quality of the fetal stem cell suspensions used in Infinity Clinic is validated by the documents ensuring that these cells successfully passed through all listed above controls.


Rejection risk (compatibility)

Our scientists has developed a unique method of immunomodulation to avoid rejection of foreign fetal stem cells by immune system of the recipient. This is achieved by intravenous infusions of high doses of hematopoietic stem cells derived from the fetal liver.


Advantages of fetal stem cells

Variety of types of organ-specific fetal stem cells produced in the laboratory of Infinity Clinic allows to combine different types of fetal stem cells according to specific health problems of the patient. In contrast to «Embryonic stem cells» that are known to be tumorigenic, “Fetal stem cells” derived from the fetal tissues during the period of 8-20 weeks of development did not show same tendency in in-vivo experiments. No post-treatment cancer cases were reported by our patients.


Mechanism of Action

Positive effects of the treatment with fetal stem cells are realized due to cellular mechanisms and due to release of biologically active substances by fetal stem cells (signaling mechanisms). Cellular mechanisms are based on enhanced functional substitution of damaged, senescent and dying cells whereas signaling mechanisms are based on the effects of such molecules as trophic factors that stimulate activity of the own cells of the patient, including adult stem cells. Together, cellular and signaling mechanisms of fetal stem cell therapy promote regeneration and self-renewal of the organism.


Side effects (adverse effects)

There are no side effects associated with stem cell therapy.

How do stem cells get where they are needed?

In case of different diseases fetal stem cells administrated in different ways in order to enhance their migration into the damaged area:

  • Intramuscular administration: stem cells are administered directly into the damaged organs or impaired muscles. This is the best mode of administration for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and similar diseases.
  • Subcutaneous administration: subcutaneous injection is used for more proportional and uniform dissemination of stem cells.
  • Intravenous administration: stem cells administered into the vein migrate with the blood stream all over the body and reach the diseased or damaged organ.
  • Intrathecal administration: stem cells administered into the lumbar part of spinal canal circulate with cerebrospinal fluid and reach damaged or diseased parts of the central nervous system.

Upon administration, fetal stem cells are guided by cytokines - chemical substances produced by diseased or damaged cells of the patient. Fetal stem cells are able to recognise these chemical signals of damage and migrate towards their concentration gradient in order to reach the source of these signals (area of the tissue with damaged cells).


Does the price include airfare?

The price does not include airfare

Privacy of our patients

Disclosure of medical information is strictly prohibited in our Clinic. Privacy of our patients is respected by us, therefore we will not provide with any privat/confidantional information regarding our patients.


For how long does the patient need to stay during the treatment?

Our treatment includes 4-5 days of fetal stem cell therapy which is depends on your program. Is spite of stem cell administration lasts around 40 minutes per day, it should be mentioned that this is the most important part of our program. In addition to the patient's therapy, our packages include a number of cosmetic procedures and combination of various medical service. A significant advantage for our treatment is that it doesn’t require any rehabilitation.


How soon will I see the effects of the treatment?

Post-transplantation effects develop in 2 stages:

Stage I – development of quick effects several hours after transplantation of fetal stem cells (TFSC). These effects make so called Early Post-Transplantation Improvements: improvement of general condition, less fatigue, better workability and appetite, temperature drop. This is accompanied by positive psychofunctional changes: decreased depression, improved mood and emotional state.

Stage II (cell effects) begins 1–2 months after fetal stem cell treatment and is associated with functional substitution of damaged, senescent and dying cells in the diseased organ and action of trophic factors released by fetal stem cells. In case of the treatment of specific diseases, stage II is characterized by functional improvements of corresponding damaged tissues and organs. In case of the rejuvenation programs stage II is characterized by such effects as:

  • Improved adaptation for the action of stress-related factors
  • Improvement of nutrition and oxygenation of the organs and tissues
  • Improvement of the function of the nervous, immune and hormonal systems
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Rejuvenation of the skin

How long do the effects last?

Duration of the effects depends on many factors, including disease history, stage, co-morbidity etc. Also duration of the positive effects depends on the person’s life style. That is why Infinity clinic doctors collect full history and thoroughly examine patients before treatment, and only then we can inform them about approximate duration of stem cell therapy effects. We do not give false promises and use all scientific and practical potential of our specialists and facility for the optimal and long-term effect of our anti-aging treatment with fetal progenitor cells.


Are there contraindications?

Stem cell therapy is medical treatment and, like any other treatment method, it has contraindications including:

  • Cancer
  • Infectious diseases (chronic infections) in active stage
  • Exacerbation or acute period of certain diseases
  • Cold, flu, pneumonia (should be treated before stem cell therapy)
  • Advanced pulmonary hypertension
  • Advanced or end stage of diseases (in such cases, there are travel-associated risks etc. exceeding any possible effect of stem cell therapy)
  • Dialysis (stem cells do not survive in high-creatinine and high-urea environment)
  • Very low platelet count

How is Golden Vial different from the regular Anti-aging Programs?

Elite rejuvenation program “Golden vial” incorporated our best cutting-edge rejuvenation methods that outperformed standard anti-aging procedures. The Standart treatment program includes combination of certain types of fetal stem cells according to the individual health problems of the patient, whereas in rejuvenation program “Golden vial” we are using 240 types of fetal stem cells to utilize full potential of the fetal tissues to promote self-renewal of the organism.


How is it possible to pay for treatment?

Payment can be made in cash on arrival (at check-in) or via bank transfer before the treatment.


How many stem cells are used for treatment?

We introduce 1.5 million stem cells per kg of body weight of a patient.


What is the survival rate of stem cells?

Cell viability or survival rate is over 90%.

Can stem cells delay menopause?

Fetal stem cells are known for the capacity to balance hormones and can delay menopause. Besides, there are cases when menopausal women start menstruating.


Is female breast augmentation possible with stem cells?

Though female breast augmentation is not possible solely with stem cells, but they can improve skin quality in that area through application of special creams with fetal stem cells and cell tissue extracts. They will make your skin more elastic, remove wrinkles and folds.


For how long do the effects from the cream last? (Golden Vial) Is it possible to inject the cells directly into the face?

There is no need to inject stem cells directly into the face. Our unique cream is applied for a month both on the face and other areas of the body. You just need to follow cream storage and application recommendations, and this is part of the procedure (Day 4 of Golden Vial Elite Rejuvenation Program). To the best of our knowledge, duration of anti-aging effect from our cream exceeds all other skin rejuvenation methods known nowadays.


Are you aware of the methods (direct administration into the face) used in USA and some other countries?

We are also aware of the procedure of stem cell administration into the face offered in USA and other places (fibroblasts are the cells used for this). It does produce results, but only on the outside. Fibroblasts produce outside effect. This method of treatment is widely used by many stem cell therapy clinics all over the world because patients, especially women, care about their looks. If “insides” work well, the face will show, and no matter how hard you try to repair the outside without taking care of the inside, it is usually in vain.


Difference between the effects of animal and human cells (animal cells are very popular in China and very well advertised in that part of the world).

Cells of the animal will be rejected by the immune system of the patient. This will lead to the abscence of long-lasting effects and potentially could trigger inflammation in the tisues of the patient. Also if animal cells would not be properly testested before administration, transplantaion of such cells could result in transmission of the animal-specific diseases (so-called zoonoses) to the patient.


Difference between our anti-aging treatment and other methods.

It is common knowledge that aging is depletion of stem cells reserves in our organs and tissues. In contrast to superficial cosmetic procedures used in other clinics our aim is replenishing these reserves with the new cells by the means of stem cell therapy. As you get older, many required functions beging performing in an unsatisfactory condition. Infinity Clinic offer complex anti-aging approach that is based on cellular and signaling effects of fetal stem cells. Cellular effects lead to functional substitution of damaged and senescent cells by the progeny of fetal stem cells whereas signaling effects lead to stimulation of the own tissues and adult stem cells of the patient.

If a person looks better from outside, it doesn't mean tha s/he is young inside as well. It is neccessary to underline that life quality and longevity first of all depends on normal functioning of the internal organs. Therefore, our approach to rejuvenation is based on regenaration of all body cells ( not just group of cells), and this is the only way to real anti-aging.


Will I be able to stop insulin/pills after stem cell therapy (diabetes)? Is stem cell therapy a cure for diabetes?

Even though fetal stem cell therapy is not a cure for diabetes, it is an effective and powerful method of its management allowing for blood sugar lowering and stabilization, hypoglycemic medicine dose reduction, improvement of general state and immune system, and prevention of complications caused by diabetes. It may be possible to reduce the dose of hypoglycemic medications. The effects achievable with stem cell therapy are impossible with any routine treatment or supplements.