World Autism Awareness Day

After 2007, United Nations declared April 2nd as a World Autism Awareness Day. Since that day, blue campaigns, for ex. #BlueForAutism became the symbols of starting a global conversation on how to understand and help people with autism.

In the XX century, autism was considered as one of the rare diseases, but today that disorder is diagnosed in 0.001-1% of children, depending on the country of residence and medicine quality, psychiatry in particular. It may even get the impression that something like an “epidemic” of autism is occurring in the world. In fact, it is not. Scientists name two main factors as the cause of this “epidemic”. The first one is a clarification of concept of the “autism” definition and its expansion to a wider one, referred to as “autistic spectrum disorders” (ASD). Such definition include both classic autism and mild but typical manifestations of the disorder, as well as some others, such as Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, etc. The second reason was a much greater awareness of the population. What used to be regarded simply as a feature of the child’s character is now often referred to as ASD.

There is still no cure for autism. Medicines help only to reduce the excitability of the child, to reduce the aggression, if it manifests itself. Classes with a speech pathologist, ABA-therapy and various programs and methods, the combination of which is selected individually, are quite effective.

Few years ago researchers from laboratories in different countries all over the world report positive results from stem cell use in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. For ex., in USA there are many clinical trials and cases of functional state improvement after the stem cells treatment. Without a doubt, that can be named as a new hope for autistic children and their parents.

We have to remember, that people with autism need our understanding and support. Every year, there are a lot of events that you can join, both online and offline. The Infinity clinic team truly believe, that with combined efforts we have chance of helping people with autism have a more comfortable and integrated life in society.

World Autism Awareness Day
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