Treatment of neurological disorders with fetal stem cells

Nervous system plays essential role in multiple functions of the human organism. Nervous system is a complex structure comprised of highly specialized types of cells including neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, microglia cells and adult neural stem cells. Unfortunately, the number of active adult neural stem cells decline with age. Many common neurological disorders cause by the loss of these cells. Specialists of the Infinity Clinic have developed methods for the treatment of the wide range of neurological disorders based on administration of fetal neural stem cells in combination with hematopoietic fetal stem cells.

We have positive results in treatment of such pathologies as:

  • Stroke
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Demyelinating diseases
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders

Fetal neural stem cells will migrate into the damaged areas of the brain and give rise to new neurons as well as another types of cells of the nervous system that support functioning of the neuronal circuits. Additionally, fetal stem cells release anti-inflammatory cytokines, growth and trophic factors (PGE2, NGF, BDNF, VEGF* and other) that improve vascularization of the damaged areas of the nervous system, stimulate regenerationactivity of adult neural stem cells of the patient and suppress inflammation.

* - Prostaglandin E2, Nerve growth factor, brain derived neurotrophic factor, vascular endothelial growth factor

Treatment of neurological disorders with fetal stem cells
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