Stem Spaces Depletion Theory

Infinity Clinic presents the best results of almost 20 years of clinical research and practical experience in stem cell therapy with fetal progenitor cells. 

Infinity Clinic founders worked with stem cell pioneers and in order to prove the existing theory and get into the depth, they carried out their own unique research in all existing disease models in collaboration with many different scientific institutions and the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. The researchers used stem cells of all ages and were able to determine the following:

  • optimal age of stem cells for treatment of different diseases and conditions
  • cancer risk age (of the cells)
  • histocompatibility issues

Through this research, they elaborated and proved Stem Spaces Depletion Theory according to which aging is a continuous shrinking of body stem spaces.  The number of stem cells in these spaces is genetically programmed, which defines size limits, or proliferative potential of each space.  Stem space size determines ageing rate of each body organ, tissue and system.  After depletion of stem space cell reserve, ageing intensity and rate is determined by ageing mechanism of somatic differentiated cells.  In other words, self-renewal processes and potential of our own stem cells are not unlimited and their resources are gradually depleted, which means that our cells are not renewed as promptly or as perfectly as when we were young and at a certain point there is no more renewal, but only division of our aging specialized cells. Under this theory, rejuvenation and healing is possible through administration of the high doses of allogenic stem cells with simultaneous immune system reprograming.  The Theory of Aging and rejuvenation methods are also based on the above theory. 

Infinity is the only stem cell clinic in the world applying its own unique immunologic tolerance induction method ensuring long-term engraftment of the transplanted cells and outstanding clinical results in thousands of patients.  

They also wrote a book Stem Cells: Experiments, Theory and Practice published in 2004.

Methods developed on the basis of the theory were patented in different countries. 

Stem Spaces Depletion Theory
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