Stem Сell Therapy for Liver Diseases


Liver is responsible for multiple vital functions of the body.

Despite the considerable progress by pharmacological industry, liver diseases are still regarded as a very serious medical issue often leading to significant life quality decrease. Mechanisms of liver diseases share common pathological pathways including chronic inflammation, cell damage and death causing gradual decrease of functional capacity of the liver.

In order to target critical points of liver diseases pathogenesis, our Clinic developed a new promising biological treatment approach based on the unique and remarkable properties of stem cells.

Our scientists were among the first who discovered outstanding immunomodulatory properties of stem cells.  Further scientific studies in the field of stem cell science (recent decades) have proved the capacity of these cells to migrate to the affected areas of the body, facilitate regeneration of the damaged tissues, and decrease self-damaging inflammation through production of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Stem cell treatment of liver diseases results in recovery of liver function manifested by improvement of liver count and life quality.


Long-term unique and extensive experience of our medical team made us world leaders in stem cell therapy. To ensure optimal results, we apply the highest-standard quality control of all stem cell products used in our Clinic and offer customized treatment – combination of several stem cell types, including liver stem cells and other tissue-specific stem cells (depending on patient’s past history, co-morbidity, test results etc.). While monotherapy (application of only one type of stem cells) is widely offered by the majority of other clinics, our patients can benefit from personalized combinations of stem cells and stem cell extracts. 

Exclusively available in the Infinity Clinic.

Stem Сell Therapy for Liver Diseases
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