Stem cells – basic properties and clinical applications

What makes stem cells so unique in contrast to all other cells of the body and why stem cell therapy is a promising treatment approach for a wide range of diseases?

Somatic cells are building blocks of the tissues and organs of our body that can perform highly specialized functions.

For example, muscle cells contract, immune cells protect the body from pathogens, nerve cells responsible for information processing.

Stem cells cannot perform such functions, but they can generate new somatic cells instead, that are necessary to maintain execution of the vital functions of the body throughout life. In other words, stem cells responsible for the renovation of the tissues of the body on a cellular level.

Let’s consider what happened in the unfavorable case of a disease. A variety of diseases that are caused by different triggers have similar mechanisms that involve cellular damage and death. Since functional capabilities of the organ

depend on the number of functionally active somatic cells, cellular death caused by disease leads to the gradual exhaustion of functional reserves of the organs and a decrease in the quality of life of the patients.

Stem cell treatment provides a possibility to increase the generation of new somatic cells in the affected organs instead of those that are dying.

During stem cell therapy each particular organ corresponding type of the stem cells should be used. This can be achieved due to induced pluripotent stem cell method or by fetal stem cells. Induced pluripotent stem cell technology is a method that is developed to create tissue-specific stem cells artificially, and so far, its efficiency is quite limited.

Whereas fetal stem cells acquire their tissue-specificity (neural stem cells, liver stem cells, stem cells of the lungs, etc.)

This is the reason why our health care professionals choose fetal stem cells for high- quality personalized stem cell treatment in Infinity Clinic.

Stem cells – basic properties and clinical applications
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