Why Our Stem Cell Therapy Is More Effective than in Other Clinics

Organ-Specific Stem Cells  

Most stem cell clinics use umbilical cord blood-derived hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells capable for differentiation into blood, connective tissue, bones and cartilage cells. Therefore, it is obvious that these cells cannot be equally effective in treatment of diseases affecting different organs and tissues.   

Instead of using the same cell types in different illnesses, we treat diseases of specific organs with corresponding stem cell types:  lung stem cells are used in lung disease etc.  

Customized Treatment Program 

Each patient is unique, and it is hardly possible to find two identical medical cases. 

For instance: 

  • one patient has diabetes
  • another one has the same disease, but complicated with diabetic nephropathy (diabetes complication affecting kidneys) 
  • the third one has diabetes and neuropathy (diabetes complication affecting nervous system)

In order to target specific health issues of each patient, our specialists will offer personalized combinations of organ-specific stem cells for optimal effects in each case.     

Stem Cell-Derived Extracts 

Scientific studies have shown that positive effects of stem cell therapy  are achieved not solely by stem cells, but also through the activity of biologically active substances released by these stem cells, such as anti-inflammatory cytokines, trophic factors, etc.  This taken into consideration, our specialists use tissue-specific stem cell extracts in order to enhance the efficiency of stem cell therapy.

What Most People Usually Forget When Thinking About Stem Cell Therapy 

Most people rely on stem cells only. However, it is important to point out that effectiveness of stem cells depends on their interaction with other body tissues. It is often forgotten that special care is needed for improvement of body tissues condition before administration of stem cells. With this in view, our integrated stem cell therapy starts with advanced detox.

Why Our Stem Cell Therapy Is More Effective than in Other Clinics
Why Our Stem Cell Therapy Is More Effective than in Other Clinics400600
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