Specialists of infinity clinic

Infinity team consists of highly trained doctors specializing in different fields of medicine and having more than 15-year experience with fetal stem cells in Ukraine and abroad. Moreover, Infinity Clinic team work resulted in more than 300 scientific publications and 17 patents.

It is necessary to underline that our specialists have excellent theoretical knowledge of stem cell science and extensive practical experience of its application. In addition, they participated in the largest international events and exchanged experience with the world leaders in stem cell technology.

Infinity Clinic founders worked with stem cell pioneers and in order to prove the existing theory and get into the depth, they carried out their own unique research in all existing disease models in collaboration with many different scientific institutions and the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. At the same time, Infinity Clinic presents the best results of almost 20 years of clinical research and practical experience in stem cell therapy with fetal progenitor cells.


Specialists of infinity clinic
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