PRP Therapy

The necessary part in treatment process at Infinity Clinic is PRP injection. Upon administration of platelet-rich plasma into the damaged area, all immune and protective forces of skin epidermis are activated.

PRP-therapy is based on the use of platelet-rich plasma. In order to make PRP mass (plasma enriched with platelets), about 20 ml of blood is taken from a patient and centrifuged in a special centrifuge (the platelets and red blood cells are isolated from the blood plasma).  Then blood fraction with 5-fold (from the usual) platelet count is isolated and injected into the damaged area. PRP-therapy is recommended for practically all patients and at any age for quicker and more effective facial skin rejuvenation and face-lift without plastic surgery.  Patient’s own fibroblasts are activated with the help of patient’s own platelets, which allows for rejuvenation of skin cells and "young" collagen synthesis. In case of recent injuries, PRP-therapy can reduce the recovery time by 50+%.

The first trials with plasma were conducted in USA several decades ago, and until now plasma lifting (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP-therapy) is one of the key trends in the injection anti-age medicine.


  • blood circulation improvement in the affected joint
  • elimination of periarticular muscles spasm 
  • cartilage recovery acceleration 
  • synovial fluid composition balancing 
  • post-trauma/surgery rehabilitation acceleration
PRP Therapy
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