Post Covid -19

Despite all efforts that have been taken by the international community of healthcare professionals to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, this disease still represents an unprecedented challenge to the medicine with burning need of new approaches for treatment and prevention.

Scientific studies revealed that the majority of severe cases of SARS-CoV-2 were associated with an overactive immune response known as `cytokine storm`.

Production of pro-inflammatory cytokines stimulates self-damaging acute inflammation in the lungs and may lead to unfavorable effects in different organs of the body (liver, kidneys, heart, etc.).

Taking into consideration the central role of `cytokine storm` in the pathogenesis of severe forms of COVID-19 and immunomodulatory properties of stem cells that were revealed by our scientists at the beginning of the 2000th, we have developed a new stem cell-based approach aiming to reduce the risk of severe SARS-CoV-2.

Stem cells produce anti-inflammatory cytokines and support the regenerative potential of the body.

Thus, being administered in advance - before probable contact with coronavirus, stem cells decrease the risk of immune system over-activation and rapidly expanding self-damaging inflammation in the lungs.

This method was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, patented and exclusively available in Infinity Clinic.

We offer a 5-day treatment during which patients stay in the modern luxury medical center located in a quiet and picturesque suburb of Kyiv.

Patent UA 118430



Method of reducing the risk of severe coronavirus disease (covid-19) course and comprehensive enhancement of the body regenerative potential with fetal stem cells and fetal tissue extracts.

Issued pursuant to the Law of Ukraine On Protection of the Rights for Inventions and Utility Models

Registered in the State Register of Ukrainian Utility Model Patents on 27.07.2020.

Post Covid -19
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