Integrative approach to stem cell treatment

Stem cells give rise to specialized types of cells of human body. Due to this they can substitute for the senescent, damaged and dying cells of different organs and tissues. According to  the developmental stage of the organism, stem cells are classified as follows:

  • embryonic stem cells
  • fetal stem cells
  • adult stem cells

Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent self-renewing cells derived from the inner cellular mass of the developing blastocyst (week 2 of embryo development). Animal experiments have shown that transplanted embryonic cells often cause tumors (teratomas) in the recipient.

Fetal stem cells are those isolated from fetuses older than 8 weeks. In contrast to embryonic stem cells, none of fetal stem cell lines has shown teratoma-forming tendency in experiments. Thus, to the current level of knowledge fetal stem cells considered to be much safer than embryonic stem cells.

Adult stem cells are stem cells that remain after birth. In comparison with fetal stem cells, they have limited proliferative and differentiation capacity. Also acquisition of adult stem cells is invasive (requires surgical operation).

Due to simplicity of surgical access majority of clinics use stem cells acquired from the fat tissues that are called mesenchymal stem cells. These cells has the potential to replace  senescent, damaged and dying cells of the bones, cartilages and fat tissues. However, their potential for the regeneration of other tissues and organs is limited.

In contrast to other clinics, Infinity Clinic offers the integrative approach to treatment of a wide range of the diseases that is based on combination of different types of organ-specific fetal stem cells. In this case positive effects of each particular organ-specific type of fetal stem cells will circumvent limitations of another types.

Infinity clinic manage the cryobank with the largest known amount of types of organ-specific fetal stem cells. This allows us to perform personalized combinations of several types of organ-specific fetal stem cells to treat patients suffering from multiple diseases or from different complications of one disease. 

To find out whether stem cell therapy could solve your particular health issues, you can send request to the medical team of the Infinity Clinic

Integrative approach to stem cell treatment
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