Infinity clinic facts. Part two

INFINITY CLINIC advantages are as follows:

  • world’s largest variety of stem cell types and fetal tissues extracts (30 types of fetal stem cells and 30 types of fetal tissues extracts including the unique fetal placenta extract offered exclusively by our Infinity Clinic) allowing for multiple combinations for treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions
  • tailored treatment program for each patient depending on the main disease, co-morbidity, age and other factors
  • extensive pre-treatment examination and testing program (extensive blood work, urine test, ECG (heart Echo if necessary), ultrasound, examination by the Clinic Physician, Urologist (for men), Skin Care Specialist, Nutritionist, examination by specialist doctor (s) and other instrumental examinations if necessary
  • pre-treatment preparation of the patient in order to clean the body and prepare it for better engraftment of stem cells (plasma exchange or detox)
  • PRP-therapy (included in the package)
  • consultation and recommendations by the Skin Care Specialist, Nutritionist, Urologist (for men), Special Education Block for mentally disadvantaged and autistic children
  • different modes of administration (not only IV and subcutaneous), including intramuscular (in muscle diseases and when necessary), para-spinal (around spinal cord) and intrathecal (into the spinal cord)
  • 24-hour care (nurse and doctor on duty) that is of paramount importance for patients after stem cell therapy
  • no assembly-line approach, but personal 
  • country’s best doctors with extensive experience in the field and other specialist doctors
  • very wide range of cosmetic procedures (our Cosmetologist is a world-class specialist and trainer)
  • state-of-the-art GLP laboratory
  • ongoing research
  • patented methods (around 19 patents and several are pending)
  • accommodation and meals are included in the package
  • possibility to stay at the Clinic with family members/accompanying persons (1-2 persons) 
  • recreation facilities (heated pool, sauna, pool room, gym etc.) on request
  • full range of hotel and other services 
  • location outside the city, in the clean area
  • guarded territory (for safety and privacy)


Our treatment is tailored for each patient.  This is elite treatment, not an assembly line.  Standard Program takes 4-7 days (dependent on the package), but it can be shortened if necessary. 

Infusions/injections can be performed either in the Procedure Rooms or in the rooms where patients stay.  This is up to the patient.

The company offers favorable terms and conditions for patients and partners. 


  • continuous research and advancement of the methods and protocols
  • development and introduction of the new procedures
  • collaboration with the leading scientific institutions of Ukraine
  • participation in the international events on stem cells and diseases and conditions treated with stem cells
  • creation of Stem Cell School and Chair in the Medical University of Ukraine


Material used for treatment:

  1. Fetal progenitor stem cells
  2. Unique fetal placenta (20 weeks old) not used by any other center in Ukraine

In-house process ensures high viability and safety. Infinity is the only clinic in Ukraine owning GLP laboratory. 

Diseases and conditions:

Very wide range, unless there are contraindications

Procedure for the patient:

  1. Medical information is necessary before the treatment. 
  2. Duration: standard treatment takes 4 days
  3. Interpreters: provided.
  4. Transportation: provided for both groups and individual patients. 
  5. Accommodation: provided (15 double rooms for double and single occupancy) for the patients.  
  6. Meals: balanced food cooked in the Infinity restaurant is included for patients and breakfast is included for the attendants. 
  7. Booking: should be done in advance.
  8. As for the top-ups (repeated treatment), the doctors advise individually to each patient.
  9. Medical report: commented and handed at discharge. 
  10. Follow-up: lifetime. 


Full cycle of safety testing and certification. Suspension passport is available. 


Infinity uses one of the biggest and most advanced laboratories of Ukraine employing around 70 highly qualified professionals and one of the very few that still breeds laboratory mice.  The research is ongoing. 

The clinic is founded and run by medical doctors, not business people, and the main goal is advancement and perfection of methods in order to ensure the best possible results. 

Infinity clinic facts. Part two
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