How to Prevent Arthritis

First of all, it must be said that arthritis is inflammation in the joints and all over the body. It is caused by joint traction after the protective cartilage is totally worn out and all synovial liquid is gone. However, it can also be caused by autoimmune reactions in the human body. Presently, the doctors can detect and diagnose around a hundred different types of arthritis caused by similar factors and manifested by similar symptoms.


There are several main causes of arthritis including

  • different joint injuries
  • metabolic disorders (e.g. gout)
  • genetics (positive family history of arthritis)
  • infections

In reality, there are many more causes, but not all of them can yet be explained in the right way.


In general, there are many different symptoms of arthritis, such as poor motility of the joints, their inflammation and reddening inter alia. Reported are also edema and frequent pain. In some severe cases, patients have high fever, weight loss, edema of the endocrine glands, and continuous fatigue. Arthritis can also cause cardiovascular, kidney, and lung issues.

Risk Group

According to the statistics, arthritis is suffered by 350 million people all over the world. The disease affects almost all ages, from children to the elderly, and women develop it more often than men. Considering the above, we can say that almost everyone can develop arthritis sooner or later in life, therefore knowledge of the symptoms is important in order to diagnose the disease early and start treatment right away. The doctor should be consulted immediately because every day counts.

Diagnostics includes complete blood count and X-ray of the affected joints.  If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient is then referred to rheumatologist who makes treatment plan helping to fight the disease.


 Treatment usually includes the following methods and procedures:

  • physical therapy for joint motility preservation
  • temporary immobilization with the splint to reduce edema
  • application of the ice to the affected joints
  • continuous intake of different anti-inflammatory medicines
  • surgical treatment (in some cases)

If you have arthritis, you should know that you can restore the affected joints with stem cells and avoid surgical intervention. Highly qualified doctors of the Infinity Clinic will tailor your treatment. More details about the arthritis treatment can be found here.


There are ten ways to prevent arthritis:

  1. Drinking a lot of water because our cartilages are like shock absorbers in the joints, and arthritis develops when they break. Cartilage tissue is 70% water, which means that around 2 liters of liquid a day is needed for its proper functioning. Fresh water is the best choice because different sodas and teas have diuretic effect causing dehydration.
  2. Sufficient calcium supply.  It is not necessary to take it in pure form (pills). Adding dairy products, vegetable, cheese, tofu, legumes, salmon etc. to your diet will suffice.
  3. Multivitamins containing vitamins C and D, which are of paramount importance for joint health. Vitamin D itself is actually capable of preventing arthritis. Usually, its deficit is found in people living in the north where sunny days are rare. However, everything is good in moderation. In order to maintain vitamin balance, it is enough to eat salmon, yogurts, eggs and beef from time to time. It is also recommended to consult the doctor for the best choice of diet.
  4. Keeping in shape and obesity prevention. Excessive weight means more load on the hip and other leg joints that are mainly affected by osteoporosis. Maybe this information will make some of you think about losing weight. Extra kilograms also slow down cartilage tissue regeneration, which can be quite dangerous.
  5. Exercise! And the best way is combination of power exercises with cardio. This approach helps to lose weight and grow muscles on the joints. Sedentary lifestyle, on the contrary, greatly increases chances of developing arthritis, especially in elderly population. Evidence shows that 30 minutes of exercising 5 days a week is enough, which means that 12 hours a month will keep you and your joints safe. The main thing is to choose the right exercises and progress gradually, otherwise you can damage your joints instead. And don’t forget about the right shoes!
  6. Yoga and gymnastics help to strengthen muscles and maintain joint health through maintenance the dependency between the force of the muscle fibers and weight they can handle. The goal of gymnastics is to increase joint mobility. 
  7. Proper treatment of injuries. One should avoid injuring one and the same area all the time. For example, frequent ankle spraining usually results in arthritis of this joint.  Serious injuries require special rehabilitation and physical therapy.
  8. Minimization of the repetitive motions. There are many types of repetitive motions in human life, and they inevitably result in minor injuries gradually leading to arthritis. Body posture control is also very important. If you sit a lot at work, you need short breaks for exercising.
  9. Giving up smoking. Nicotine causes weakening of bones, and quitting really gives arthritis much less chance.
  10. Alcohol abuse is a bad habit, and its effect is like that of smoking.
How to Prevent Arthritis
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