Coronavirus disease 2019

The Chinese government is taking emergency measures to limit the epidemic of the new coronavirus that leads to many deaths in Wuhan.

At the same time, specialists are trying to decrease the health risks for doctors who are working in this city.

Professor, MD Bijie Hu (in 2014 was selected as the President of Society of Infection Prevention and Control of China) said that doctors that were sent to Wuhan received Thymulin.

Despite several other drugs suggested to have some positive effects on coronavirus infection, Thymulin was chosen as potentially the most perspective for the prevention of severe viral pneumonia with respiratory failure. This medicine contains biologically active substances isolated from the thymus - an organ responsible for the formation of immune cells that play an important role in the interaction of the body with the virus.

If the immune system is weakened, the body will not be able to resist the virus efficiently. However, it should be emphasized that excessive activation of the immune system is also dangerous.

Overwhelming the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and uncontrolled activation of immune cells can lead to the rapid onset of widespread inflammation in the lungs resulting in extensive lung damage and respiratory failure that leads to the suffering of all organs of the body, especially the brain.

One of the most influential international medical journals - The Lancet published an article by Chinese doctors, showing that patients with severe viral pneumonia who were transferred to the intensive care unit had higher concentrations of the pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood than patients with less severe disease.

It should also be noted that regulation of the immune system requires the coordinated action of a diverse network of biologically active substances and direct intercellular contacts between the cells of the thymus and immune cells. Thus, only one substance isolated from the thymus may not be enough to achieve a complex regulatory effect. Other thymus-derived factors and cells are needed.

Due to this reason, specialists of the Infinity Clinic developed a comprehensive stem cell treatment approach aiming to reduce the risk of severe complications of coronavirus infection. The treatment program includes a complex of thymus-derived stem cells and biologically active substances in combination with other types of stem cells.

Additional types of stem cells are a very important part of the program. Being administered intravenously significant portion of these cells settle inside of the lungs where they produce anti-inflammatory cytokines limiting inflammation and trophic factors that increase regeneration of the tissues. Thus, our treatment approach allows not only to achieve an effect of the immune system but also to increase the body's ability to recover.

Coronavirus disease 2019
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