Aqua and animal therapy in the autism treatment

In the Infinity Clinic, main treatment (fetal stem cell therapy) is complemented by reflexology, physiotherapy, aqua aerobics and specially selected exercises together with therapeutic massage.  Our special needs expert tailors individual treatment programs for each patient depending on the issues to be addressed.  Great results are also achieved through animal-assisted therapy – interaction with small reptiles, fur-bearing animals, as well as hippotherapy and dolphin-assisted therapy.

Aqua Therapy

Over the years, aqua therapy has proved to be an effective complementary method in autism treatment.  This is the treatment that offers relief to those suffering from neurologic disorders, especially children. 

Aqua therapy advantages and effects in neurologic disorders:

  • light touch sensitivity development and improvement
  • motor skills improvement
  • muscle tension and spasms relief
  • muscle tone reduction
  • increased range of motion of spastic muscles

Moreover, our sessions in the water allow autistic patients feel the space and their place in it.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animals have positive impact on people with different diseases, and this was confirmed by many studies. At Infinity Clinic, we want the best for our patients and mainstream everything that is safe and effective like animal-assisted therapy used as complementary treatment for various neurologic disorders including autism.

Effects of animal-assisted therapy:

  • stress relief
  • nervous system and mental health balancing
  • mental rehabilitation

Animal-assisted therapy makes use of both live animal and their images. It includes a variety of games, relaxation exercises, special tasks with animal images, observation of animals and their behavior, and, of course, direct contact with animals.

All procedures are under the supervision of experienced professionals of Infinity Clinic. Additionally, our clinic focuses on such aspects as social adaptation, development or improvement of self-service skills and speech correction.

Infinity Clinic experts believe that individually chosen therapy is the best practice. You can be sure that an individual treatment program will be arranged specially for you with the optimum load, what will make the treatment more effective.

Aqua and animal therapy in the autism treatment
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