Anti-aging treatment with stem cells

It is nowadays common knowledge that stem cells play key role in health maintenance throughout the life as they renew cell pools of different organs and tissues. Unfortunately, as we age, the number of stem cells gradually reduces, while their functional activity fades, which leads to accumulation of senescent and damaged cells in the tissues resulting in gradual decrease of organs functionality and higher susceptibility to diseases. Additionally, such cells release senescence-associated cytokines triggering chronic inflammation. In scientific literature, such chronic low-grade inflammation developing in older age is called inflammagaing.

Administration of organ-specific stem cells is a unique chance for restoration of the exhausted stem cell pools and facilitation of replacement of senescent and dying cells. Additional administration of stem cell extracts containing a variety of biologically active substances, including exosomes, decreases chronic inflammation, facilitates formation of new micro-vessels, stimulates activity of the patient’s own cells and tissues, and improves skin condition through better blood microcirculation, skin cell functional stimulation and improved collagen formation.

Combined administration of tissue-specific stem cells and stem cell extracts prevents or delays the development of age-related diseases and results in the significant improvement of mental and sexual power, stamina, and overall quality of life.

For rejuvenation, we use unique patented method developed in the joint effort of the Infinity Clinic scientists and doctors.

Anti-Aging Program offered by the Infinity Clinic is not just outer rejuvenation, but an integrated approach resulting in overall health improvement from the inside (due to the improvement of internal organs functionality) with the following effects:

  • Vitality improvement
  • Chronic fatigue disappearance
  • Energy level and physical power increase
  • Hair quality improvement
  • Skin tone and elasticity improvement
  • Blood pressure and hormone level stabilization
  • Libido improvement
  • Sleep improvement
  • Cognitive improvement
  • Improvement of nutrition and oxygenation of the organs and tissues
  • Stress tolerance improvement
  • Internal organs functionality normalization
  • Immune boosting

Infinity Clinic offers personalized approach to each patient, starting from tailored treatment program (individual combination of stem cell types and extracts targeting major and minor health issues) and finishing with food selection with regard to doctors’ recommendations and patient’s preferences.

As a part of our personalized approach, we invite the most skilled, highly professional and experienced specialized doctors from the best clinics on Ukraine for consultations if necessary.  We also offer life-time follow-up after the treatment.

Professional massages, cosmetic procedures, SPA, gym, beech, walks outside in the fresh air, indoor and outdoor sports will keep your family members and/or friends accompanying you busy and entertained. There are things to do and enjoy for all ages.

We exert all efforts to deliver high class and effective treatment exceeding expectations of our patients.

We speak: 

  • English
  • Arab
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Italian

Translation/interpretation from other languages will be provided if necessary. 

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Anti-aging treatment with stem cells
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