All you have to know about anti-aging

Human body is a complex and multi-level system. Despite centuries of studies and research, all the core mechanisms of this system have not yet been fully investigated and understood. Proper diet, healthy lifestyle and good genes (no family history of certain diseases) are part and parcel of long and healthy life. Unfortunately, just like any working mechanism, human body wears out and ages with time, which causes dysfunctions in a number of body systems. Some functions can be temporarily restored medically, through routine therapy.

However, active research aimed at restoration of the lost functionality with stem cells is ongoing over the last decades. In the 1930-40's, there was a “wrong” opinion that administration of stem cell extracts could rejuvenate the whole body. Later, it turned out that stem cells had a very wide range of effects for practically all body systems.

Modern cell therapy is based on multiple clinical studies proving and demonstrating stem cells effectiveness in a large number of diseases and conditions, including aging and skin elasticity loss.

Thus, rejuvenation with stem cells presupposes restoration of body functions and elimination of disturbing problems, which, along with self-care and a healthy lifestyle, improves general health and quality of life.

Like any medical approach, stem cell therapy requires precise diagnostics and individual approach to each patient for optimal effect and life quality improvement. Infinity Clinic professional team will be happy offer you a gift of health and well-being for you to enjoy long, full and happy life!


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All you have to know about anti-aging
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