Aging and Age-Related Diseases

All of us know about aging and realize that older people are more susceptible to diseases than the young ones. In this article, we would like to explain more about aging and its causes, as well as to shed light on the causes of age-related diseases.

What is Aging?

Before stem cells were discovered, there were 300 different theories of aging - all erroneous, in one way or another. Presently, we know for sure that aging is caused by decreasing number of stem cells in human body.

Our cells are continuously renewing at different pace:

  • skin cells - every 3 days
  • stomach cells - every 5 days
  • intestinal cells - every 7 days.

This renewal is about division of stem cells giving rise to the new cells. Stem cells can be found in absolutely all tissues and organs of an adult. Cell division results in the renewal of organs and tissues, which rejuvenates the body in general. However, as we age, the number of our stem cells gradually decreases to the extent that tissue cells cease to renew and begin to age, and we age together with them. In other words, aging is depletion of stem cell reserves in human organs and tissues, whereas real rejuvenation is about replenishing these reserves.

What are Age-Related Diseases?

Experienced doctors say that until now no one has died of old age. All people die from diseases. Age-related diseases leading to death are cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, immune deficiency and many other diseases and conditions. These are the diseases elderly people die from because their cause is the same as that of aging - depletion of stem cell reserves in human tissues and organs.

It’s common knowledge that immunity weakens with age, and this happens because immune system cells cease to renew, age, and become non-functional. For example, weakened cells of the immune system are unable to fight cancer cells the number of which continuously increases, and this is how cancer develops.  Immune system cell renewal impairment starts at around 40-50. Aging immune system cells are no longer protecting “their own” tissues and organs, but, on the contrary, can start attacking them. This is how autoimmune diseases develop, and here belong diabetes mellitus, liver cirrhosis, glomerulonephritis, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis etc. Advanced aging of the immune system cells causes immune deficiencies due to which elderly people develop infectious diseases that can be lethal (pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis).

Cells covering the internal part of the blood vessels (endotheliocytes) renew quite often - every 7 days. If reserves of the stem cells forming the new endotheliocytes deplete with age, internal membrane of the vessels is no longer restored. As we age, atherosclerotic patches are formed in the vessels.  They impair blood flow and, as the result, people die from stroke, myocardial infarction, pulmonary artery thrombosis etc.

In other words, the cause of age-related diseases is the same as that of aging - depletion of stem cell reserves in human organs and tissues. In order to prevent age-related diseases, replenishment of these reserves is necessary.

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Aging and Age-Related Diseases
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