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Age: 50

Country: Saudi Arabia

The procedure was easy, the staff of the hospital were very helpful and nice. The place is perfect for relaxation. Thank you for all your efforts especially dr. Yury. I'll be coming back for anti aging again!

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Rejuvenation Program


Age: 44

Country: UK

Rejuvenation Program chosen by me takes just several days, and these are the days when you receive stem cells, placenta extract and undergo cosmetic procedures (facial masks with placenta extract). My dreams came true and my expectations were met practically on the first day after the completion of...

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Rejuvenation Program


Age: 51

Country: USA

I am 51 years old women, from USA and I came to the Infinity Clinic for Rejuvenation Program. Prior coming to Ukraine, I had sleep problems caused by back pain, migraines and some other aging and chronic stress-related problems that makes me to suffer a lot. Doctors of the of the Clinic designed an...

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The only viable definition of rejuvenation for us is not slowing down of the aging process but the function recovery of all systems, organs and tissues to an optimum life quality of person's age - from 30 to 40 years".

For Rejuvenation, we are using a unique patented method that was developed in a joint effort of the scientists and doctors of Infinity Clinic.

Let's see, what exactly is considered:

  • "function recovery of all systems": nervous, visual, cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, urogenital, reproductive, immune and blood system;
  • "function recovery of all organs": brain and spinal cord, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, endocrine and reproductive organs;
  • "function recovery of all tissues": connective and fat tissue, skin, hair and nails.

The purpose of rejuvenation - sharp increase in the quality of life while maximizing its duration. Of course, dear guest you have the question - is it possible in reality? Let us, together, review what should man, based on the basis of the above aging theories, do if he does not want to grow old. Let us combine practical results of all theories:

  1. To obtain injections of various mixtures of RNA and DNA fragments.
  2. To transplant monkey’s gonads to yourself.
  3. To be on the hormone replacement therapy constantly.
  4. To wait until legal and technical aspects of hypothalamus transplantation techniques will be developed.
  5. To take antioxidants constantly.
  6. To keep to a diet without vegetable oils and vegetable products (unsaturated fats).
  7. To conduct a sedentary lifestyle.

Any cardiologist will say that in this case, you can stay young. You can remain in the memory of close people because myocardial infarction will be guaranteed.

Such is the power of theories - practical methods of fighting with aging are developed on their basis. There is a wonderful expression: "If there are many theories in medicine, so none of them is true."

Now we need to find an answer to the question - why neither of these theories is correct? What is their common and major mistake?

All theories are not true just because people continue to age and die. No one in 70 years looks like 30 years. And if they do, it is the result of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, not a real rejuvenation. Practice - the criterion of truth

However, the main error of gerontology – is studying of the effect and not the cause. Let us return to the immortal hydra. We repeat that at the top of hydra's body, just below the tentacles, there is a zone where especially many constantly dividing cells are located. Hence, new cells migrate to the ends of the body where they differentiate into specialized cells. Time passes and these senescent specialized cells are replaced by new young cells coming out of the zone of intense proliferation. This process is infinite and the hydra lives indefinitely without showing signs of aging. What is this area of intense proliferation? This is the area in which the stem cells are located (the old name of them in hydra - interstitial cells) that in division process are self-renewing and at the same time give rise to new specialized cells.

The process of self-renewal occurs due to asymmetric division: each stem cell divides to form two cells, one of which is also divided further to form a line of specialized cells, and the second cell remains stem in the sleep state - until the next signal to divide.

Only specialized cells are aging on all the above mechanisms. Are aging and die but, new young cells derived from stem cells come at their places. It is the process of self-renewal of stem cells that makes hydra immortal. In dormant (sleep) state stem cells are not exposed to external factors that cause aging of specialized cells. Their genetic apparatus always remains undamaged, and that provides infinite renewal of all hydra’s cells and makes it immortal. Only extreme external influences (e.g., high doses of radiation, a sharp increase in water temperature) can damage and destroy hydra’s stem cells, and then renewal of specialized cells aging does not occur and hydra dies. All existing theories of aging analyze this process from the point of view of specialized cells aging, all existing methods of fighting with aging are aimed at life prolongation of aging specialized cells. That is why they are not effective.

Now we together with you, dear guest, can answer the question: "Why do we age?" We age because during evolution our stem cells have lost the capacity for endless self-renewal. This means that as we age our stem resources are gradually depleted. The rest of our short life we no longer live by the renewal of cellular composition of organism from stem reserves, but by dividing of aging specialized cells. We age together with them, and we die together with them. Therefore, the impact on these aging specialized cells will give nothing but only prolong the agony of old age. No matter how we protect these cells and how we prolong their lives, they will not rejuvenate us.

What to do? Can we get our stem cells to regain the ability of endless self-renewal? Not yet. Today – no, tomorrow - probably yes, you can and the day after tomorrow - surely yes! Works in this direction are underway with the highest intensity.

But how can we be today?

In fact today and tomorrow - in this case imaginative notions and can come within 30, 50 or 100 years! Is it possible to achieve a real rejuvenation today? Yes, it is possible. Fetal stem cells can give real rejuvenation for us. The isolation of stem cells of all organs and tissues is possible from the abortive material on the early stages of fetus development. When introduced into aging organism they are placing free stem spaces of all organs and tissues, and renewal process of aging specialized cells begins again. This is the real rejuvenation.

Our theory of stem spaces depletion was proposed and first published in 2003 (authors: O.L. Kuharchuk, V.V. Radchenko, V.M. Sirman). Over the past 10 years, our method of rejuvenation using fetal stem cells has been repeatedly perfected, has gone through the criterion of practice and has presented the youth and joy of life to many famous people.The only viable definition of rejuvenate for us is: "Rejuvenation - is not slowing down of the aging process but the function recovery of all systems, organs and tissues to an optimum life quality of person's age - from 30 to 40 years". 

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